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Innovative Levitating Products for Your Business

Our main products include floating air bonsai, floating Bluetooth speakers, floating globes, POP displays, and floating lamps. Etc.
It can be used for different industries, so the market is enormous

Take Your Brand to New Heights with Levitating Products

We offer a range of custom design and branding options, including colors, logos, and packaging, to help ensure our levitating products perfectly match your brand.

Our Quality

Magecmoon Quality Guarantee

Magecmoon is the first professional manufacturer and inventor of Magnetic products Since 1999. Own a 27,500 square meters factory and over 250 skilled working workers in China.

Our products have passed the CE, ROHS, UL, and FCC certifications.
Warranty: we will take responsibility for any defective item except the human mistake in One year warranty.

About the Magecmoon

Magecmoon specializes in custom levitating products to bring magic into your daily life. With over 25 years of experience in the levitation technology industry, we take great pride in being at the forefront of levitation technology development.
Magecmoon boasts an outstanding R&D department with more than 200 product patents worldwide, making us your partner in levitating technology. We look forward to working together and realizing your vision using levitation’s magic!

Our Services

Quality Service Guaranteed

At Magecmoon, you’re our top priority. Trust us to provide you with the highest customer service. We offer comprehensive after-sales services, including replacement parts and technical support to keep your levitating product working well.
The levitating products can be used for different industries and different markets, so the market is enormous. Our magnetic levitation products can meet your needs whether you are looking for home decor, gifts, or commercial displays. It can make you get more profit.

OEM & ODM Service

Magecmoon is the TOP supplier of premium levitating products! Our innovative research and development department distinguishes us from our competition, enabling us to offer unparalleled OEM/ODM services and over 500 3D printing machines. Our flexible approach allows us to customize products according to your specific requirements, whether adding your logo, custom packaging designs, or creating entirely new items from your specifications.
Regardless of the task, our expertise and experience enable us to help ensure a positive result.

Invention Patent

Are you concerned about whether these levitating products are patented? Can it be sold in your market? Now people pay more and more attention to the patent protection of products, and the market also protects patented products. If you sell products without patents, the consequences will be very serious, and you will be compensated a lot of money. Our factory is the first levitation manufacturer. We have made our patent in the US( patent number: US8294542B2). and China( patent number: ZL200610065336.1). Patents protect all maglev products in our factory, and you can sell them to any country without any worries.

Our Warehouse - Your Backyard

At Magecmoon, we believe that versatility and performance go hand in hand. That’s why we offer a wide range of levitating models and styles to meet your business needs.
We have many stock items at our extensive warehouse. So once you make the orders, we can ship to you fast.
Experience the perfect blend of versatility and performance with Magecmoon.

Why Choose Magecmoon


Our factory designs all the products. So No MOQ requirement; you can purchase any quantity you need.

Lower Price

Magecmoon is an actual manufacturer with no middle man so it can offer the best price.

Customer Service

Our professional sales will deal with all your inquiries and questions; we with reply to any questions within 24 hours.

Invention patents

We have levitating patents in China and the US so that you can sell our product without any restrictions to the world.

Fast delivery

Most of our products have stock; we can arrange to ship within 1-3 days. We can only take 10-30 days to produce for big orders.

1 Year Warranty

Our levitating products have a 1-year warranty; we will take responsibility for any defective item except a human mistake.

Our Factory

Real Reviews from our Client

We were blown away by the quality and innovation of the levitating products offered by this company. We have been cooperative with Magecmoon for more than ten years. Their top-notch customer service and we got customized solutions that met our unique business needs—highly recommended!


Rachel Kim

Wholesale buyer

Our supermarket customers love the levitating moon lamps and pots from this company. They are always a hit and add to our store’s ambiance. We appreciate the attention to detail and excellent customer service that we receive every time we work with this company. We appreciate the personalized service and attention to detail that this company provides


Shelly Barns

CEO, Gift Industries

The levitating display that we purchased from this company is a real showstopper. It’s been a hit with our customers and has helped to elevate our brand image. The team at this company was great to work with and provided customized solutions that met our needs. We highly recommend this company.


Michael Brown

CEO, advertising Industries
client good feedback
client good feedback
client good feedback

Meet our Clients

We have more than 5000 clients worldwide. It’s important to maintain good relationships with clients as it can lead to increased loyalty and repeat business

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Since 1999, our company has been the pioneer in magnetic levitation products production with no middleman involved – making us the real factory that no one knows of!

Since our factory designs all of its products, some items may also be produced as stock; therefore, there is no MOQ requirement; our minimum order size is one piece. exercitation.

Sample delivery typically occurs 5-7 days from receipt; mass order deliveries typically occur 30-45 days after receipt of the 30% deposit payment. However, lead times can be altered according to the order quantity, production schedule and other considerations.

We accept payment via T/T or West Union as well as PayPal and Credit card.

Absolutely. Our customized services for levitating products allow your logo or design to be printed or engraved directly on them.

Yes, we provide drop shipping; our sales can ship your order directly to the client. For more details, please reach out.

At Levitation Products LLC, we provide all our levitating products with a one-year warranty, covering any manufacturing faults or human mistakes.

All our products have received CE, FCC, ROHS and UL certifications.

We boast 25 years of experience with our quality control team and its stringent and professional system, which includes four inspections per product before packaging; additionally, a third part inspection is acceptable.

Levitating products can add an eye-catching, unique, eye-catching element to any environment in which they’re placed in business environments, drawing customers in a while simultaneously creating an impression of innovation and modernity, which helps promote your brand and attract new ones. Furthermore, levitating products serve as conversation starters or ways to demonstrate your company’s dedication to environmental protection and sustainability.

Elevate Your Business with Our Patented Levitating Technology

25 Years Manufacturer

As a leading manufacturer in the industry, we’ve been pushing the boundaries of magnetic levitation technology for over 25 years. Our products are perfect for businesses looking to offer unique and innovative products to their customers.

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