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Our 3D Levitating Luna Floating Moon Lamp marries cutting-edge engineering with our passion for lunar realism. Moon spheres are 3D printed with precise 3D printers that capture actual lunar topography as observed by NASA satellites, then coupled with magnetics systems for stable passive levitation and rotation.

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Item code

SIM10-GW5-light wood

Light source

LED Light

Suspension gap

1-1.5 cm

Invention Patent

China patent, US patent

Product Description

Magecmoon’s goal is to deliver high-quality products that exceed customer expectations, and our Floating Moon Lamp certainly does just that with its stunning design, advanced magnetic levitation technology, and lifelike 3D printing – guaranteed to delight any passerby who sees it!

Product details:

Magecmoon – Manufacturer of 3D Levitating Luna Floating Moon Lamp.

Magecmoon has long been recognized for producing innovative levitating products using advanced magnetic levitation and 3D printing technologies.

Available in sizes ranging from 3 to 8 inches, our moon lamps wirelessly charge an internal LED system that emits a soothing glow from within their floating lunar orb. Their modern aesthetic and wireless design make them the ideal ambient addition to any living space.


Key Features:

* Precise 3D printing captures every lunar crater

* Magnetic Levitation System to achieve stable floating and rotation.

* Wireless induction charging with a cordless design

* Multi-color LEDs create a warm lunar glow.

* For versatility, sizes ranging from 3 to 8 inches are offered.


Our floating moon lamps are ideal for:

* Bedside tables and nightstands

*Meditation and Yoga spaces

* Living rooms and lounges

*Office and work-from-home setups

To use, simply place the moon sphere on its base and plug it in. For optimal results, place on a firm surface away from vibrations. Our moon lamps are intended for indoor decorative use only.



Magecmoon boasts over 200 employees and 25 years of experience, offering high-quality, technologically innovative 3D Levitating Luna Floating Moon Lamps that provide years of lunar wonderment.

Magecmoon’s floating 3D moon lamp is an incredible feat of high technology that brings the wonder and magic of our moon’s surface together with cutting-edge magnetic levitation technology. Available in four sizes (3″,4″,6″,’ and 8″) our moon lamp has a one-piece 3D printed surface which replicates it exactly using NASA satellite imagery – complete with bumps and craters to give users an incredible lunar experience! Our moon lamps feature piece 3D printed surfaces which reproduce exact replicas of the lunar surface using real satellite imagery used by NASA satellite imagery from NASA; our moon lamps come equipped with one piece 3D printed surfaces that mimic these physical features to provide users with a realistic experience! Our moon lamps provide users with amazing experiences that they won’t forget!

Our 3D Moon Lamp is equipped with wireless induction technology that powers its LED lights inside its moon. Our magnetic base ensures a stable and secure platform for it to float and rotate freely for an amazing visual display that’s sure to captivate anyone who sees it!

One of the great advantages of our floating moon lamp is its versatility. Perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere at a date night or adding some fun into a child’s room, our moon lamp also makes an excellent way to unwind after an exhausting day, providing soft yet warm lighting that helps create a calm and soothing environment.

Experience the marvel of the floating moon lamp effortlessly: Just place its magnetic base on any flat surface, flick the power switch, and bring the moon close until it starts its enchanting levitation and gentle rotation – once it hovers, fine-tune its position and movement with a simple touch.


Overall, the Magecmoon floating moon lamp is an essential addition for anyone who appreciates its beauty and wonder. Our moon lamp can add a magical touch to any home or office or just allow you to experience its breathtaking magnificence all in a whole new light; get yours today and begin reveling in its magical presence!


Magemoon company history


A: We are the inventor of the bottom electromagnetic levitating system and patented in China and the USA since1999. We are the most professional manufacturer to produce magnetic levitation products for 25 years. Real factory, no middle man.

Lead time of sample: 5-7 days after sample receipt

Lead time of mass order: 30-45 days after 30% deposit receipt,

but it can be negotiated based on order qty and production schedule and arrangements.

We offer a one-year warranty on all of our levitating products, which covers any manufacturing defects or faults except human mistakes.

All of our products have passed the CE, FCC, ROHS, and UL certifications.

We have 25 years experience of QC team with a strict and professional quality control system. We have 4 times inspections for each finished product before the package.

The third part inspection is acceptable.

A: We accept payment by T/T or West Union and PayPal, Credit card.

A: Yes, we offer customized services for our levitating products. You can choose to have your logo or design printed or engraved on the product.

A: Yes, we offer customized services for our levitating products. We can work with you to create a unique design that matches your brand or meets your specific requirements.

A: As all of our products are designed by our factory, we also will make some items as stock, so there is no MOQ requirement, the smallest order is 1 pc.

A: Levitating products can add a unique and eye-catching element to your business environment. They can also create a sense of innovation and modernity, which can help to attract customers and promote your brand. Additionally, levitating products can be used as a conversation starter or a way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness.

A: The levitating products use magnetic levitation technology to create a floating effect. Each product has a magnetic base and a corresponding levitating object that hovers above it.

Yes, we offer the drop shipping service, We can ship your order to per client. Please contact our sales to know more details.

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