3D moon lamp VS Floating moon lamp

Find which type of lamp is good for a gift

Moons are beautiful and aesthetic heavenly bodies that spread love, reduce anxiety, and give the feeling of peace and tranquillity. Well, this is the modern age, and most people find it hard to go out of their rooms to see and feel the moon. However, you will be happy to know that there is also a very fine solution to feeling the moon inside your room without stepping out. You might be wondering how it is possible. Well, by placing an aesthetic moon lamp in your room! Yes, you can easily find moon-shaped lamps in the market that mimic not only the beauty of the lunar moon but also function the same.

No doubt, lamps are small things, but they make a huge difference as interior designers believe that the lighting of one’s house can ultimately affect a person’s state of mind and give them a feeling of relaxation. So why not consider buying the best moon lamp for yourself? Well, let’s look at two amazing moon lamps, 3D moon lamps and floating moon lamps, and decide which type you want to buy.

3D moon Lamps:

Lighting can change the feeling of any place, and the dim light of 3Dmoon lamps makes them perfect for winding down during the evenings or setting the mood.

3D Moon Lamps are made from innovative 3D technology, which looks awesome addition to your bedroom or drawing room area. They create a relaxing atmosphere with the hyper-realistic moon lamp. Its moon-like surface is designed using 3D technology and is based on astronomical data provided by NASA.

The lamp rests on a graceful wooden base, adding an aesthetic vibe to your room decor. The bottom of the night light is thoughtfully designed to retain the shape of the real moon as much as possible. It makes the place beautiful that it occupies!

The LED moon lamp is equipped with a dimmer switch or the mini touch switch at the bottom, so you can easily change the colour of the light according to your need.

3D moon lamps are very easily installable that have USB ports for recharging them. It is really the best choice to place in your room, office, or kids’ room. You will find a wide variety of 3D moon lamps in the market, with some perched on a wooden stand. However, one thing that you will find constant among all the designs is the comforting, ethereal glow that they emit and the realistic texture of the lamp’s surface.

Floating moon lamps:

Well, you are going to love this floating moon lamp, so before knowing about them, say thanks to modern technology for giving you such an amazing thing.

Floating moon lamps give you a feel like the levitating moon and intimate the moon even better than 3D moon lamps. They are extraordinary, gravity-defying moon lamps that float above the white or walnut wood base and rotate slowly, just like the real elliptical orbiting moon.  

The floating moon lamps are made in such a way as to look like the real moon and come in various sizes and colours. They do not have any physical contact with the wooden base, and they can float and spin on the base freely. They are able to do this because of two clever technologies, the magnetic Levitation Technique and Wireless Technology. 

How do floating moon lamps work?

The floating moon lamp works wirelessly and has recharging LED lights hidden inside. It is secured by a strong series of built-in magnets. When you turn it on, it produces magnetic fields, using electricity to counteract the force of gravity. Magnetic suspension lifts and holds the moon lamp in the air. In this way, the moon globe floats in the air without anything but the magnetic fields. 

Decorate your houses with this amazing designed lamp. As they are available in various colours too, you can choose the colour that perfectly the design aesthetic of your room. These amazingly designed lamps can become the central feature and brighten up any room of the house. 

  • Which type of lamp is good for a gift, a 3D moon lamp or a floating moon lamp? 

Well, you have read about both lamps, now you can choose the best one. But if you want to gift such an amazing thing to your loved ones that they don’t stop admiring your choice, then choose Floating Moon Lamps.

Floating moon lamps have a very realistic and enchanting design that will please anyone who sees it. It does not just look like a real moon, but its ability to float and spin around silently all day and night makes it more demanding. Plus, it has high-resolution technology, making it insanely realistic.

Another great thing about the floating moon lamp is that its touch-activated, which means you can easily control the level of light that it produces just by touching it. One more good thing to know, it also has a long lifespan, making it a great choice to gift someone!

So if you’re looking for a high-quality, realistic-looking moon lamp to gift someone, choose a floating moon lamp! Even the real moon would be jealous!


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